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They are coming for the jar of change beside your bed – Ferris

4 November, 2015 - by Martin Ferris TD

Speaking on the Social Welfare Bill 2015 in the Dáil today, Sinn Féin TD for North Kerry and West Limerick, Martin Ferris slammed the government for the cuts it had imposed on working people.

Deputy Ferris said:

“It’s like the next thing they will be coming for is the jar beside the bed where you throw your small change at night, when you empty your pockets.

“This government has cut everything to the bone over the last few budgets and then calls it generosity and uses terms like ‘sharing the fruits of our recovery’ to label giving back paltry percentages of the cuts already made to people who see no sign of any recovery.

“If you take away, for example, the telephone allowance, it amounts to a cut of €271 from the annual budget of people over 70.

“They can decide not to have a phone or they can pay for it out of their pension. The sham increase of €3 in the old age pension is so small and so insignificant that really it makes me wonder what was the thinking of the people who sat around a table and came up with that and then those who put the spin on it as if you were being generous to our older citizens.” 

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