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Cllr. Nic Cormaic supports the Right2Change initiative

5 November, 2015 - by Sorcha Nic Cormaic

Cllr. Sorcha Nic Cormaic welcomes the decision made by People Before Profit in signing up to the Right 2 Change principles. This opens up the very real possibility of a broad left coalition capable of defeating the established parties.

Cllr Nic Cormaic said:

“While I welcome the decision made by People Before Profit to sign up to these principles I am exasperated at the continuing intransigence being shown by the Socialist Party/AAA”.

“Joe Higgins, Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy, seem intent on wrecking, from the outset, the best chance at organising a broad left wing alliance, which could finally offer an alternative to an electorate needing change. It is clear that the Socialist Party do not see Sinn Féin as a potential ally on the left but as the main obstacle towards its own electoral gains. It is willing to sacrifice left unity in favour of narrow self-interest. This stance is completely unforgivable”.

“One of the criticisms leveled at Sinn Féin is that it supports austerity in the north while being anti-austerity in the south. In supporting this fallacy the Socialist Party/AAA have pointed to the Stormont House agreement. Here are some facts that the general public should be made aware of. The origin of austerity in the North is the Tory government in Westminster. It has unilaterally cut the block grant to the Assembly by £1.5bn and has imposed additional financial fines on the Assembly because of our refusal to implement Tory welfare cuts. As part of our long standing opposition to Tory welfare cuts we insured that there would be protections for those dependent on social welfare. Sinn Féin doesn’t do austerity!”

“While it is possible to be critical of the Stormont House agreement, it is also possible to offer tactical support to those on the left. People Before Profit in supporting the Right2Change programme has done this, why can’t the Socialist Party explore beyond its narrow narrative and do the same?”

Cllr. Nic Cormaic continued:

“Voters in the next election can either vote for the status quo, they can vote for change or can vote to protest. It is clear which group Sinn Féin and the Right 2 Change affiliates belong to. It is clear which group the Socialist Party/AAA belong to, and it is also clear that their self-serving actions gives succour to the status-quo. Sinn Féin has been part of the most successful community driven movement that this country has seen. Right2Change is a group of activists, citizens, community groups, political parties/individuals, and trade unionists. It is not nor has it ever been part of a Sinn Féin ‘power grab’”.

“As a proud Republican and trade unionist I look forward to working with the broad Right2Change coalition”.

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