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Europe must provide safe passage for those fleeing war - Lynn Boylan MEP

8 November, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan today addressed an event called 'Trasna na dTonnta: the call for a Safe Passage' organised by the Calais Solidarity Committee.

Speaking at the event Ms Boylan said politically organised summits on the refugee crisis amount to nothing more than had hand wringing.  She said Europe must take responsibility for the wars that it is complicit in and provide safe passage for families fleeing war.

She said;

“The European Union is failing on the refugee crisis.

“Politicians holding summit after summit amounts to nothing more than hand wringing.  All the while right wing governments such as that in Hungary are erecting barriers and attacking refugees with dogs and batons, others are stamping the arms of those fleeing like a horrible throwback to concentration camps.

“How quickly they forget their own history.

“Words like refugee and migrant dehumanizes these people.  They are families, human beings like you and I.  People desperate to survive, so desperate that they are prepared to climb aboard those lethal boats.

“Everyone of us here were heartbroken to see baby Aylan washed up on the shores but how quickly the news agenda moves on, while more baby Aylan’s drown everyday.

“We Irish know all about coffin ships and we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what’s happening in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.

“Nor can we turn a blind eye to the dirty deals with Turkey that are taking place to try and keep these desperate people fleeing war from Europe’s shores.

“Europe is complicit in the war in Syria, just like it is complicit in many wars.  As citizens of a neutral country, we must demand that the growing militarization of the EU stops and that when the human cost of those wars is exposed, it is not acceptable for Europe to simply pull the shutters down on innocent men, women and children.

“History will judge us on how we acted during the largest humanitarian crisis since the second World War.  The time for handwringing is over, provide safe passage for these families and show that Europe can lead the way.”


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