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Reduction in Family Home Tax was Sinn Féin keeping its election promise- Cllr Malachy Quinn

13 November, 2015 - by Malachy Quinn

Balbriggan LEA Cllr Malachy Quinn has said that his party’s decision to reduce the Family Home Tax by 15% for a consecutive year was the fulfilment of his party’s promise to the local electorate.

Cllr Quinn said:

“At our party group meeting we again restated our position on the family home tax, it should be abolished and we have given a commitment to abolish this tax if elected to government". 

“In the interim, we committed to utilise legislation provided by Central Government to reduce the burden on our citizens by reducing the rate by a full 15%”. This will result in over €5.5m going back into people’s pockets throughout Fingal”.

“There has been spurious attempts by Labour councillors to directly relate the housing crisis to this measure and to somehow state that this would go tackling the housing crisis”.

“The citizens of this county know full well who is to blame for the housing crisis. It lies at the door of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party”

“The complete abandonment of social housing goes back a long number of years when a decision was made to withdraw from the direct provision of social housing, thereby leaving it in the hands of the private market”.

“The vote to reduce the family home tax provided an opportunity to counteract (albeit in a small way) the cuts made by this government to low and middle income earners since taking office”

 “It must also be noted that in the report submitted to the Council, 7 out of the 7 submissions made by Fingal citizens favoured a reduction in either some or the full amount”.

“This is maybe a small amount of submissions however it does clearly endorse what our Sinn Féin teams have been getting throughout the county, that the recovery is only being felt by some and that we need a fair recovery for all”. 

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