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Unhealthy relationship between some Gardaí and the some journalists needs to end - Tóibín

13 November, 2015

Commenting on the recent Irish Independent reports that a former Fianna Fáil Minister is being investigated for sexual abuse allegations, Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín has stated that ‘it appears that information surrounding this investigation was leaked to the newspaper.

 Teachta Tóibin said:

 “That this would be leaked and published before the possible subject of the investigation was made aware or questioned is quite shocking.

Our first thoughts are always with the victim of abuse and everything must be done to ensure that a swift and comprehensive investigation is carried out.

However, to my knowledge,  as of yet no one has been questioned, arrested, charged or convicted of any offence.

Yet because of the probable and reporting a citizen in the public eye is battling to maintain his reputation. It must be stressed that the vast majority of Gardaí carry out great work in a completely ethical fashion but as a TD you hear in political conversations that there exists close relationship between some Gardaí and some journalists, that some Gardaí may receive hospitality from journalists or may receive payments for information.

A Garda was arrested in connection with the leaking of information to the media in a high profile case involving Roma children. Gardaí have launched another investigation into media leaks concerning information supplied by Gerry Adams to the Gardaí.

I welcome the announcement that there will be an investigation into this case however there needs to be a broader review of Garda confidentiality. What regulation exists within the Gardaí to regulate the acceptance of hospitality from Media firms? Questions too need to be asked with regards the ethics of media outlets printing at such an early stage in the investigation.”

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