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Ó Broin calls for Working Group to ‘Revitalise Clondalkin Village’

18 November, 2015 - by Eoin O'Broin

Sinn Féin Councillor Eoin Ó Broin has called for a working group to be established to revitalise Clondalkin Village. The call was made in light of the growing number of vacant shop units in the area.

Cllr Ó Broin said:

“Clondalkin Village is a vibrant place with a strong sense of community and a hard working business sector. However it has been hit hard by the recession. A growing number of shop units in the Village are vacant. Impending commercial developments in Liffey Valley pose further challenges for the small business sector in the Village.

“At this week’s Clondalkin Area Committee I tabled a motion calling for the creation of a working group tasked with the job of revitalising the economic life of the Village. The group would be made up of business people, Council officials, Councillors and other relevant stakeholders.

“South Dublin County Council has been involved with a number of important initiatives supporting small businesses in recent years such as the business improvement grant and the shop front signage initiative.

“However a lot more could be done, particularly by coordinating the various stakeholders. We need to provide our micro businesses with greater support.

“While the economy is starting to grow the majority of that growth is from the large export sector. It is crucial that local micro businesses are not left behind.

“A working group for Clondalkin Village could make a real contribution to the revitalisation of the village particularly in the context of the upcoming Local Economic and Social Plan. However to achieve this, a dedicated focus on our village is urgently required.”





Wednesday, November 18, 2015


MOTION: Councillor E. Ó Broin

"This committee agrees, in light of the large number of vacant shop units in Clondalkin Village, that the Council set up a working group involving council staff, councillors, the Clondalkin Chamber and other relevant stakeholders to develop a strategy for revitalising the economic life of village centre."


As the elected members will be aware from reports of Economic, Enterprise and Tourism SPC to Council, there are activities ongoing on a number of fronts all aimed at revitalising the economic life of our Villages. Many of these schemes have been developed in collaboration with the SPC membership and South Dublin Chamber, through the Councils support of the Sustainable Business Executive role. All parties have developed the programme of supports with the express purpose of stimulating economic vitality in local Villages and supporting employment in SMEs.

While retail fora took place in 2015, attendance was somewhat disappointing however engagement with retailers will continue in 2016 to provide an opportunity for local retailers to engage with the Councils Sustainable Business Executive and identify issues. Supporting programmes will be developed through the Economic, Enterprise and Tourism SPC and Sustainable Business Executive role.

On a related front, public realm improvements from the Village Initiative, Tidy Towns and the County Signage programme, also support the legibility and attractiveness of Village centres, further encouraging visitors and locals alike to frequent local businesses. The development of the Round Tower Visitor Centre is of course the strongest indication of the Councils financial commitment to the revitalisation of the public realm and economic activity in Clondalkin Village, which as an attractor to local and visitors alike, will bring a beneficial multiplier of economic activity to the Villages businesses.

In terms of developing a strategy for revitalising the economic life of village centre, these actions and many others on the socio-economic front have already been cohered into a strategy in the form of the goals and actions of the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). While many of the actions in the plan are ongoing, the plan itself will be presented to the December Council meeting. With the LECP in place at the outset of 2016 co-ordinated implementation of these cross-cutting County-wide actions in all Villages will continue under the direction of the relevant SPC and will continue to be reported to the Council and CPG etc.

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