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Ireland has second highest rate of rent and mortgage arrears across Europe – Senator Reilly

20 November, 2015

Speaking this morning Sinn Fein Seanad Housing spokesperson, Senator Kathryn Reilly has said that the housing policy, or lack thereof, of Fine Gael and Labour has been exposed yet again as a major new European report into housing exclusion has found that after Greece, Ireland has the highest rate of rent and mortgage arrears in Europe, standing at 20.2%.

Senator Reilly said:

“This new report from the European housing organisation Feantsa is yet another shocking indictment of this government’s housing policy. There has been a collective failure by this government in all aspects of housing and new information and studies are highlighting that failure for everyone to see.

“The report goes on to highlight that of the 28 EU nations, Ireland is also the second worst for poor tenants paying out more for accommodation than those taking home above the average income, with 49.2% of poor households paying out more.

“The report also damningly outlined two other areas where Ireland was amongst the worst in Europe. This included the risk of women being overburdened with cost when compared to men, where we faired third worst. We also one of the highest rates people who think they’ll have to move in the next six months. 

“This report comes on the back of data released earlier this week by which showed that rents have risen faster in 2015 that at any time since the boom - in September alone the rise across the state has been 3.2%. This is not isolated to the cities and urban centres of Ireland. In Monaghan the increase since September was recorded at 6.8% while in Cavan the increase was an astonishing 10%.

"Such reports and data are concrete evidence of the crippling housing policy of this government. Fine Gael and Labour should be ashamed of their housing policy, however it would appear that they are incapable of shame.”

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