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Unworkable Bin Charge system leading to City Health Hazard

12 January, 2005

Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Daithi Doolan has called on City Management to ensure that all household rubbish in the Dublin City Council area is collected as a matter of urgency. The Sinn Féin councillor's call comes in the wake of the first week of the Council's new "pay-by-use refuse" collection scheme which has seen bags of uncollected rubbish piling up on a number of Dublin streets.

The City council this week implemented a policy of non-collection of household waste in rubbish bags that do not have prepaid tags attached. However many householders across Dublin have been unable to buy the prepaid tags anywhere in their local area and hundreds of people entitled to waivers under the scheme have not received their free tags.

Daithi Doolan said:

"The situation we see today with rubbish piling up on Dublin streets amounts to a potentially dangerous health and safety problem and it is being directly caused by the policy of the City Council. In this context I note that High Court Judge Lyndsey ruled before Christmas that Dublin City Council had illegally imposed bin charges in the 2001 to 2002 period against the City Counil's own criteria. This is the backdrop of City Mangement's reckless pursuit of imposing a deeply unpopular and unworkable system.

"Under the new system both those people who have on principle refused to pay bin charges and those who have attempted to pay the charges and abide by the system are being penalized. The number and spread of outlets handling the prepaid tags is woefully inadequate. People in many areas have been unable to buy the tags locally and their rubbish has been left to rot outside their houses. This is further proof that this system of waste management is unjust and unworkable. I am calling on City management to ensure the collection of all household rubbish regardless of tags. I ask that they do this at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can avoid the inevitable health and safety problems which will ensue otherwise." ENDS

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