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Time to end academic selection

8 December, 2015 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has called on everyone interested in equality, social justice and education to actively campaign against academic selection in the wake of the revelation that an OFMdFM  commissioned report ‘ Links in Achievement and Deprivation (Iliad)’ which  recommends an end to academic selection.

 Mr Hazzard said,

 “While this report has yet to be published I understand that it recommends an end of academic selection.

 “This is the latest evidence based report, which adds to the wealth of international and local evidence, highlighting the damage academic selection has on individual pupils, our education system and our society.

 “ I can think of no other issue which has been subject to so many damming reports and which has not provoked an outcry from civic society and the media for politicians to make the legislative change necessary to protect citizens from harm.

 “It is now time for everyone interested in high quality education for all, equality and social justice to get off the fence and campaign for an end to academic selection.

 Concluding Mr Hazzard said:

 “Those who claim there has been no alternative created are either misinformed or are deliberately being misleading. Every school now operates the same curriculum with all schools delivering a broad based curriculum relevant to society and the economy.

“The majority of our post primary schools successfully operate the alternative with the minority of schools making a conscious decision every year to continue to practice academic selection which once again stands condemned for damaging the very education system they claim to promote.”

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