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Colreavy calls for political action against corruption

9 December, 2015 - by Michael Colreavy TD

Sinn Féin TD Michael Colreavy has called on the government to tackle corruption in Irish politics. Deputy Colreavy was speaking in the Dáil during a PMB devoted to eradicating corruption from Irish political life.

The Sligo/North Leitrim TD said:

“When this government came to power they promised a democratic revolution, yet here we are, almost five years later and there has been little to no change in how government does business.

“Nowhere is this more obvious is in how they have handled the Tribunals of Inquiry Bill 2005.

“This bill was introduced in 2005, had second stage in 2007, committee stage in 2009 and the government has yet to bring it to report and final stages.

“As it stands all that the Moriarty Tribunal seems to be only useful for is holding open the old sash windows of government buildings during a warm summer’s day.

“The findings of tribunals cause headaches for mainstream parties and their financial backers.

“There is a cosy consortium which exists in Irish politics between certain business interests and political life.

“It seems very easy to show up in the early hours of the morning to arrest water protestors at their homes.

“It even seems very easy to arrest a member of this house for a political protest at Shannon Airport.

“Why then is it so difficult for follow up on named persons for serious breaches of the law?

“Is it that governments in Ireland don’t consider white collar crime an actual crime?

“Or is it that government are so wedded to the business interests that are named in these reports that they will never pursue them?

“If the government really takes the issue of corruption seriously, then today, on the International Day against Corruption, they should make a stand and announce new measures to bring those offenders to justice.” 

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