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Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness reselected to fight Westminster Election

14 January, 2005

Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness was reselected at his Party's selection Convention on Thursday Night. Following his unanimous endorsement Mr McGuinness thanked the delegates for once more choosing him to represent the constituency.

The Mid-Ulster MP said:

"I am honoured to be once more selected by the Sinn Féin membership of Mid-Ulster to go forward as their representative in the forthcoming Westminster election. Mid-Ulster has a long, proud and honourable republican tradition and since entering the electoral arena Sinn Féin has gone from strength to strength in this constituency. Always, when the republican ethos and strategy was under attack the people of Mid-Ulster responded with increased support for our analysis and gave us the encouragement to carry on.

"Well, I can assure you that the conduct of this election will see us come under a full frontal attack from all quarters. The last couple of weeks is only a sample of what our political opponents in both Britain and Ireland will throw at us between now and May. But we will go toe-to-toe with them and they will not defeat the republican Peace Strategy. Nor will they stop the march towards a United Ireland.

"Joe Pilling, the Chief British intelligence Officer at the NIO said in the United States recently that the worst-case scenario - from the British point of view - would be for Sinn Féin to become the largest party in the North. Well Joe, we are well on our way to giving you your worst nightmare. After the Westminster and Local government elections in May we will be one more step closer to that goal.

"I know that I can depend on the Sinn Féin activists and the electorate of this proud constituency to make a major contribution to that eventuality.

"I understand that many within the unionist community fear the implications of change but they are wrong to resist change, they should be a part of managing it to protect their interests in the process of change. Change is as inevitable as it is necessary, equality threatens no one, a United Ireland threatens no one except those that prosper on continued conflict and division. I will continue to work for the necessary change and to ensure that equality is delivered for all irrespective of political allegiance." ENDS

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