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1916 Quarter cannot fall victim to ‘questionable planning permissions’ – McDonald

15 December, 2015 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Féin Deputy President, and TD for Dublin Central, Mary Lou McDonald has called upon the government to step up to the mark and preserve the historic 1916 quarter of Dublin. Deputy McDonald said that we should have learned the hard lessons wrought by our destruction of similar historic landmarks for bad development decisions, the Viking heritage of Wood Quay or Georgian facades of Stephens Green.

Deputy McDonald said:

“In a time of significant national and European anniversaries, nations across Europe are putting great time and resources into preserving what remains of their national heritage.

“However in Dublin, in an area known as the ‘1916 Quarter’, an area that represents a particularly crucial part of Irish history, and as such should be treated with the sensitivity it deserves, is in reality the object of uncertainty and speculation.

“We should have learnt by now the lessons, lessons hard learnt, by the destruction of our Viking heritage at Wood Quay, or the demolition of the outstanding Georgian facades in St. Stephens Green. These wanton acts of destruction were allowed to happen because of bad developments decisions, and poor or corrupt planning practices, and it seems that mistakes made in the past are repeating themselves.

“What gives rise to our genuine fears and the fears of the relatives of the 1916 leaders is that the very questionable planning permissions which would allow the demolition of the entire terrace, apart from 14 to 17, are still in place.

“So it is still entirely possible that this area would be engulfed in a giant shopping mall.

“We need the Government to step up, and put in place proper safeguards for all these important historical locations. If the historical sites are preserved sensitively in a way that is authentic and true to the area's history and character, the whole area would become, not just an enduring memorial to all those men and women who fought and died in 1916, but also an inspiration to future generations in the year leading up to the 100th anniversary of the Rising.” 

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