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Labour Party’s criticism of Sinn Féin Health policy ring hollow as 405 patients lie on Hospital Trolleys across the State. Cllr Denise Mitchell

17 December, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

This week Sinn Féin launched a comprehensive Health plan to deal with the crisis in our Health service created by Fianna Fáil and deepened by an inept Labour and Fine Gael government.

Speaking today at 23 Patients lie on Trolleys in Beaumont Hospital and 405 across the State Councillor Denise Mitchell said,

“If elected to Government next year Sinn Féin will invest an additional €3.3million in our Health Service over the Five year term.

We will ensure that over three million people will have free GP care and free prescriptions and every seriously ill child will immediately receive a full medical card and those with a disability will have a more secure medical card than what they are currently offered.

We will end the €100 charge for the use of Emergency Departments and 6,600 additional frontline workers would be employed to deal with the crisis in our A&E department and waiting times.

She further added,

The Labour party seem to forget that they are in Government not Sinn Féin.  They are the party that is standing over 405 Irish Citizens on Trolleys today.

They have decided to criticise Sinn Féin health initiatives because we want to invest in our Health Service while they want to give Tax breaks to the Wealthy.

In reality they do not have a plan themselves; they do not have the answers to ease the crisis that they were part of making.

Citizens’ will soon have an opportunity to give their verdict on each Parties Health proposals, I look forward to hearing what the Labour Party has to offer but I would urge them to get working on it as the election is due to be called early in the new year.”.

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