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Donnelly invites Minister Varadkar to debate health policy

17 December, 2015 - by Paul Donnelly

Sinn Féin general election candidate Cllr. Paul Donnelly has again called on Minister Varadkar to accept his invitation to a public debate on health policy in Dublin West.

Cllr Donnelly said:

“Sinn Féin launched a comprehensive plan to deliver a universal healthcare system, something Sinn Féin is on the record as always being in favour of.

Our plan is comprehensive, costed and it is deliverable. Sinn Féin would use the existing fiscal space to increase spending in health by €3.3 billion during the course of a five year term of office.

On the other hand, the government’s plan is chaotic, over budget and has proven to be undeliverable.”

Cllr Donnelly continued:

“Fine Gael and the Labour Party have chosen to use the existing fiscal space to cut taxes for the wealthy.

“Sinn Féin is making a different choice, a choice to invest in our health services.

“Over a five year government term more than three million people will have free GP care and free prescriptions, every seriously ill child in Dublin West will receive a full medical card and there would be a secure medical card for people with disabilities.

“It mean the €100 charge for the use of Emergency Departments would be ended and 6,600 additional frontline workers would be employed including 2500 nurses and 800 consultants to deal with the crisis in our A&E department and to reduce waiting times.

Cllr Donnelly continued:

 “Fine Gael and Labour will only maintain the current chaos in our health services. Fianna Fáil are the architects of the current dysfunctional health service.

I would therefore like to invite the Minister to face his constituents by taking part in a public debate on Sinn Féin health policy.

The Minister can explain to the people of Dublin West his government's failure to create a more equitable health service in its lifetime.”

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