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Laughable to suggest that there is a distinction between Kenny's way and Burton's way - Jonathan O'Brien

21 December, 2015 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin TD Jonathan O'Brien has described as 'an insult to the intelligence of ordinary people' comments made by Labour Party leader Joan Burton TD in which she claimed that her party brings balance to government.

Deputy O'Brien stated that it is laughable to suggest that there is any distinction between Enda Kenny's or Joan Burton's way.

He said;

"Quite frankly, I see her comments as an insult to the intelligence of ordinary people, people who have been badly let down by the Labour Party.

"It seems to me that Joan Burton is completely delusional when it comes to what the Labour Party in government has meant for the ordinary families - betrayal, cuts and poverty. It is incredible that, after five years in power, the Labour leader is reverting to the messaging that her party used in the run-up to the 2011 general election.

"Back then, they also warned that a Fine Gael majority government would mean disaster for working class families. The Labour Party told the people that they needed to put them in government in order to ensure that the worst of Fine Gael's right-wing, conservative policies would be reigned-in by a progressive force. We all know how that has turned out. We all remember well the regularly parodied 'Every little hurts' poster which now stands as a catalogue of Labour's betrayals. The Labour Party has faithfully gone along with, and indeed implemented, every brutal austerity measure introduced since 2011 and the people who trusted them at the last election have paid a heavy price.

"During the same election campaign they vowed that the Labour Party would not tolerate any more cuts to child benefit with Eamon Gilmore saying 'enough is enough - families can take no more.' Well if families could take no more in February 2011, imagine how they must feel now after the Labour Party rowed back on this promise again and again by cutting child benefit on numerous occasions.

"The phrase 'Labour's or way of Frankfurt's way' still rings in the ears of those who put their trust in Joan Burton and her colleagues in 2011. Joan Burton seemingly wants people to believe that there is some sort of distinction between Enda Kenny's way or Joan Burton's way. That is laughable. There is absolutely no distinction.

“As Minister for Social Protection, the Labour Party leader has been responsible for the sharpest edge of austerity and some of the cruelest cuts affecting the most vulnerable people in our society. The Labour Party has been complicit and overpowered in government by Fine Gael. It is clear that a Fine Gael government, with or without the Labour Party as their partners, will continue to inflict right-wing, Thatcherite policies on the people of this state. The Labour Party have proven themselves as willing partners of Fine Gael's regressive agenda.

"What we now need is an alternative, progressive government, centred on the Right2Change principles. It is time for a government that will deliver a fair recovery and investment in our public services.

“The reality is that dominant theme of The Labour Party in government is a legacy of broken promises. All these broken promises have contributed to a deepening of inequality in Irish society. Joan Burton is now like the child who has been badly behaved all year, attempting to justify that behaviour in the hope that Santa Claus will still bring her some presents.

“The Labour party abandoned those who placed their trust in them at the last general election. In the coming weeks, those same people will have the chance to return their verdict on Joan Burton and her colleagues for their disastrous time in government.”

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