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Minister Kelly undermines democracy and building standards- Cllr Doolan

22 December, 2015 - by Daithí Doolan

Minister for Environment Alan Kelly is introducing Fianna Fáil style shoebox apartments by dictating new, reduced apartment sizes.

Responding to the Minister's announcement, Cllr.Daithí Doolan, chair of Dublin City Council's Housing committee, said:

"The Minister's announcement is a direct attack on local government.

The apartment standards were agreed by Dublin City Council in 2007 following intense consultation and were based on research and evidence.

“They were endorsed by elected representatives of this city. Minister Kelly's reduction in apartment sizes is based on lobbying from the construction industry, a false belief that reduced sizes equals reduced cost and increased profits for developers.

"Our apartment sizes were based on the fact that 90% of homes being built in Dublin City would be apartments. We wanted apartments to be family friendly and of a size that allows families to live in the city centre. 

"Our new City Development Plan retains these sizes for one, two and three bedroom apartments. It also sets a standard size for studio apartments which would only be allowed under strict circumstances.

"Minister Kelly has undermined all this good work with the stoke of a pen. I would urge the Minister to stop listening to vested interests and scrap his plan to downsize Dublin apartments."

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