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McLaughlin backs RCN pay campaign for nurses

5 January, 2016 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin MLA Maeve McLaughlin has backed the Royal College of Nursing’s campaign for a pay increase for nurses. 

Maeve McLaughlin said; 

"Nurses provide an invaluable service and deserve a fair wage for their work. 

"The Tory government has implemented a policy of pay freezes, which in reality are pay cuts, which have left many in the health service dependent on tax credits. 

"Our representatives have attended and supported strikes and rallies across the North and will continue to do so until a satisfactory resolution to the issue is found. 

"The Health Minister should make the necessary funding available to pay all of those who work in the health service a proper wage. 

"Sinn Féin will be supporting the campaign by the Royal College of Nursing to ensure nurses receive decent wages for the vital service they deliver."

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