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Lack of services in rural Ireland not just confined to health – Reilly

7 January, 2016

Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly has said that the “No Doctor, No Village” campaign launched by the National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) can be seen as part of wider campaigning by many groups seeking to highlight the decimation of essential services in rural Ireland.

Senator Reilly said:

 “The ‘No Doctor, No Village’ campaign launched by the NAGP aims to highlight the current lack of health services in small towns and villages around the county and the pressing need for more investment in health services in rural areas.

 “The NAGP stated that in certain instances some doctors are reluctant to set up a practice in rural areas due to the fear that they will be unable to make a living. This is a concern that Sinn Fein sought to remedy in our recently published health policy document through broadening the attractiveness of General Practice as a career choice by introducing 200 salaried GP posts over a term in government.

“Thereafter, such rural areas that are struggling to attract GPs and urban areas where services are overstretched would be those who would see the deployment of these salaried posts, thus addressing such problems as outlined by the NAGP.

“Furthermore, fear for the future of services, such as the health service in rural areas, is not happing in isolation. It is part of the larger decimation of services in rural Ireland by this government.

“In many rural areas, people have lost essential services such as public transport, post offices, banks, and other such services. And for many of the services that communities have managed to retain, they have had to fight tooth and nail to keep them.

“Rural Ireland needs to be protected; it is completely unfair to have these communities living in fear of what service they will lose next.” 

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