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Joan Burton’s comments on Ireland’s bank debt typical of a redundant party – Doherty

11 January, 2016 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Sinn Féin TD and Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty has said Joan Burton’s comments that questions about a deal on Ireland’s bank debt being “redundant” only show up how redundant her party is.

Deputy Doherty said for Sinn Fein getting the Irish people’s money back is not a redundant idea.

The Donegal South-West TD said:

“I am disgusted at the Tánaiste’s comments that talk of a deal on Ireland’s debt is redundant. This year Ireland will pay €6.6bn, more than the entire tax take of the USC on servicing that debt. For Joan Burton to say that question is redundant is typical of her redundant party. For Sinn Fein recouping the people’s money is not a redundant question.

“Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore told us in 2012 that he had achieved a ‘game changer’. Now his successor doesn’t even want to answer questions about what happened to the people’s money.  Three and a half years later and Ireland has not even applied for a retrospective recapitalisation. Selling off the banks is a poor substitute both financially and morally for what the deal we were told had been achieved would have secured for the country in a desperate time.

“Joan Burton also conveniently forgets that the remaining €25 bn of Anglo bonds are still sitting in the Central Bank awaiting their sale to speculators. Presumably for the Labour Party that €25bn is alos spilt milk.

Ireland has the third highest expenditure on debt interest as a proportion of GDP out of EU and that debt is still roughly 100% of our GDP. It is Joan Burton’s party that is redundant not the question of Ireland’s massive debt.” 

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