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MEP Anderson meets with Palestinian support group Sadaka

12 January, 2016 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson who will lead a delegation of cross party MEPs to Palestine in the week beginning 8th February has met with Palestine campaign group Sadaka.

Ms Anderson said:

“I met with Palestinian campaign support group Sadaka as part of building relationships between the Sinn Féin MEPs and Palestinian support groups in Ireland in order that we can speak with a strong collective voice and to further inform ourselves on the state of the latest incidents in the Palestinian Territories.

"Among the points stressed by Sedaka was the descriptions of the settlements as simply 'illegal'. They pointed out that these settlements are in actual fact war crimes and every time Israel creates another settlement it is committing a new war crime.

“I will be raising these concerns when I lead a cross party delegation of MEPs to Palestine at the beginning of February where we will meet with European Ambassadors based in Jerusalem as well as representatives of the Palestinian people. 

“Latest reports about the increasing number of children arrested and charged by the Israelis are disturbing and cause for great concern.

“An eleven year old is among them and this is the youngest child prisoner in the world. This is child abuse of the gravest order and is contrary to the UN convention of right of the child, which is being violated on a daily basis.

“This situation would not be tolerated by the Western powers, including the US, Britain, Germany and France if it were happening elsewhere. It is an indictment of these governments that they remain silent on these intolerable human rights violations by Israel. 

“I am calling on the Irish government to lead by example by giving full recognition to the Palestinian state with full ambassador status and to demand that the UN enforce sanctions that will provide dignity and respect for Palestinians in accord with UN Conventions.”

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