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EU CAP simplification measures welcome – Anderson MEP

13 January, 2016 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson MEP has welcomed the simplification measures on CAP regulations which take effect in the coming period.

Ms Anderson said:

“CAP simplification for application and implementation is a key priority if we are to give our farmers and rural communities the assistance they require.

“Priority for areas of most concern to farmers and other beneficiaries, aimed at reducing the administrative burden while maintaining sound financial management by identifying and addressing those areas that are prone to errors.

“A simplification package consisting of delegated and implementing acts is expected to be adopted at the beginning of 2016. This will simplify the young farmers' scheme, namely the legal person definition and the voluntary coupled support, along with other positive measures it will allow flexibility in the use of resources.

“This will aim to improve the integrated administration and control system (IACS) through procedural simplification, amendments of the farmers' applications after preliminary checks performed by the Paying Agencies, collective claims, control rate for the greening payments and reduction of control rates from 5% to 1%, when the error rate is below 2% and the Member State Land Parcel identification system (LPIS) is up-to-date. If adopted in time, it could be implemented in time for farmers' applications in 2016.

“Another simplification package is scheduled for spring 2016, with the aim of reviewing some technical elements of the greening measures and cross-compliance rules.

“Regarding market measures, the Commission aims to reduce the number and complexity of the market measure rules of the new single Common Market Organisation (CMO) as well as to provide simplification for farmers and operators.

“A package of modifications to the relevant delegated and implementing acts is planned for mid-2016. This will cover marketing standards and trade mechanisms, carcass classification, vegetables etc.

“As regards rural development, the simplification process will start when the approval process of the 118 rural development programmes (RDP) is completed. At the beginning of 2016, one hundred per cent of the 118 RDP have been approved. The screening will focus on better implementation at regional and national level, better use of the standard cost option, e-governance and streamlined use of financial instruments in agriculture.” ENDS

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