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Sinn Féin can make a historic breakthrough in Cork South Central - Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire

14 January, 2016 - by Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD

Sinn Féin General Election candidate for Cork South Central Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has stated that he is confident that Sinn Féin can make a historic breakthrough in Cork South Central as people are crying out for a strong, alternative voice to challenge the establishment parties.

He also said that the current government has failed ordinary people and that it does not deserve to be re-elected to office.

Councillor Ó Laoghaire was speaking at the launch of his election campaign in the Rochestown Park Hotel, in Cork City, where he was joined by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD.

He said;

"The simple fact is that Fine Gael and the Labour Party not deserve another term in government. They have badly failed Cork South Central and people throughout the state. Fine Gael promised a the much vaunted 'democratic revolution' and the Labour Party vowed to curb the right-wing policies of their coalition partners. Neither of these pledges have materialised.

“For five years, Government TDs in this constituency have actively promoted and support the agenda of cuts, attacks on the most vulnerable, and protecting the better-offs in society. And this government wants another five years?

"It is like they have not been power overseeing record levels of poverty, increased inequality, the decimation of public services, the chaos that has enveloped the Healthcare system, and nasty, vindictive cuts, such as the cut to the One Parent Family Payment, or the cut to the Respite Grant.

"Government TDs such as Ciaran Lynch, Jerry Buttimer and Minister Simon Coveney want another five years so they can sit on their hands, while the Housing crisis in Cork continues to spiral out of control.

“They want another five years, of a mounting crisis in Cork University and The Mercy Hospital, as the numbers on trolleys increases wholesale, and the elderly and seriously suffer the chaos that envelops our health service and frontline staff are subjected to abysmal conditions.

“These TDs have stood by while rents have risen astronomically, and while many families have struggled endlessly to find a home. Deputies Lynch, Buttimer and Coveney have tolerated overcrowding, and three generations under the one roof has now become so commonplace as to be unremarkable. This is an unacceptable state of affairs.

They want another five years of drastically underfunded public services, while continuing their policy of giveaway tax cuts for the highest earners.

“Each of the last five budgets have been regressive, and those who have gained most, have been the top 14% of incomes.

“Fine Gael and the Labour Party have presided over failed politics, and cronyism, which they committed to ending with their democratic revolution. They do not deserve to be re-elected.

“In a few weeks time, the people of Cork South Central will have a clear decision to make. They have been failed by Fine Gael, by Labour and by Fianna Fáil TDs, and Governments, who have represented this constituency for some ten years now.

“Sinn Féin stands apart. Unlike the present and Fianna Fáil, we are a party which has a real vision, for all aspects of government. We are the only party which is making a serious, costed case for strong investment in and reform of the public services upon which we all rely, and we make no apologies for arguing the case for a more just taxation system.

“In the centenary year of the 1916 Rising, I am confident that Sinn Féin can make a historic breakthrough in Cork South Central. A Sinn Féin TD will deliver for communities right across across this constituency. The ordinary people of Cork would be better off with a Sinn Féin led government.”

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