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1400 children homeless over Christmas- Mayor Holland

18 January, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Cllr Sarah Holland, Mayor of South Dublin County Council, has outlined the number of children who spent Christmas in homeless accommodation this year.

683 families accessed emergency accommodation between December 21st and 27th in 2015, which amounted to a staggering 1409 children.

Cllr Holland said

“These children are just like my daughter, except they spent their Christmas in a soulless hotel room or a hostel.

These parents had no way of even making a little Christmas dinner for their kids, which was evident in the numbers attending the community Christmas dinner organised by Cllr Dermot Richardson and VISIT.

There is an increasing divide in this country between the rich and the poor.

My family are incredibly lucky to have two good wages coming into the house, but we have seen an increase in working families who were made homeless due to unsustainable rent hikes.

There was no breathing space for families affected by sudden illness or a change in circumstances – rents increased and families were thrown to the wolves.”

The total number of people who accessed emergency accommodation over Christmas was 2506.

Cllr Holland went on to say

“We cannot continue to let our citizens suffer in this way.

There but for the grace of God go any of us; we need to start building social houses and making sure that we have a safety net in place.

Serious changes are needed in the way our society is run”.

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