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Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD to launch Cllr Maurice Quinlivan's General Election campaign

18 January, 2016 - by Maurice Quinlivan TD

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD will be in Limerick City on Friday night to launch the General Election campaign of Cllr Maurice Quinlivan.

Councillor Quinlivan's launch will take place at 8.30pm the Absolute Hotel and members of the public are invited to attend to show their support.

Speaking ahead of the event. Cllr Quinlivan said;

"There is a lot of positivity, energy and enthusiasm around this campaign. Naturally, we are delighted to have Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald as the keynote speaker on the night. Mary Lou is a admirable defender of ordinary people. She is a person who has led the political opposition to cuts and the austerity agenda at the heart of government policy. Mary Lou is recognised, across the political divide, as one of the most effective and capable parliamentarians of her generation. I am very happy to have Mary Lou endorsing my campaign in Limerick on Friday evening.

"We have been out knocking on doors for months now and I have been getting a very warm response, which is encouraging. Ordinary people in Limerick are genuinely angry and fed-up at the way they have been treated by this government. They are looking for a TD who will stand up for them. They are crying out for effective representation in the Dáil. People have expressed the view that Fine Gael only look after the wealthy in society and people feel betrayed by the Labour Party. Voters in Limerick now see Sinn Féin as a strong and credible alternative.

"Our message is resonating in Limerick City. A Sinn Féin government will deliver a fairer recovery, with decent jobs. We would defend and invest in our critical public services. We want a fair and progressive tax system. We would scrap both water charges and the property tax. 

"A Sinn Féin led administration certainly wouldn't allow what has unfolded at University Hospital Limerick over the last number of years. The people of Limerick know that this government has sacrificed their hospitals, schools and public infrastructure, in order to cover the financial gambles taken by the elites during the boom. They are very unhappy about it. They know that Fine Gael's promise of a democratic revolution was just a PR stunt and that the Labour Party has gone along with every ruthless and vindictive cut.

"In a few weeks, the people of this city will face a clear choice. They can choose more of the same by re-electing Fine Gael and the Labour Party, or they can choose the progressive, republican alternative represented by Sinn Féin. The current government wants a dog eat dog society, in which those at the bottom get left behind and the wealthy are rewarded with tax breaks.

"Sinn Féin will build a fairer society, we will create a sustainable economy with real jobs, and we will invest in our public services while ensuring a robust and responsive system of social protections.

"I am inviting everybody who believes in that vision to come along to my launch on Friday night to show your support. Together, we can elect the first Sinn Féin TD in Limerick City since 1923."

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