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Sinn Féin is ready for government and Fingal is ready for change- Louise O Reilly

19 January, 2016 - by Louise O'Reilly TD

Sinn Féin’s General Election Candidate for the Constituency of Dublin Fingal, Louise O'Reilly has told supporters at packed campaign launch tonight that Sinn Féin is ready for government in the South and that the people of Fingal are ready for a change.

O’Reilly said:

“Sinn Féin firmly believe that a change of government is needed and we know that, along with the Right2Change movement, we are the only party offering a real alternative to the voters in Fingal.

Unlike others on the so called left we are offering an alternative to the 2.5 party political system which has served this constituency and this state so badly – and when I hear spokespersons from supposedly left parties tell the media that they are offering an alternative to Sinn Féin it gives me the motivation to knock on a few more doors because we need people to know that we are the alternative government. 

Over the coming weeks some phrases and words will be overused to the point that they will cease to have any real meaning but language is important and we need to understand what is meant by stability and what is meant by change. 

Stability – Fine Gael and Labour will tell us not to risk the recovery by voting for Sinn Féin. 

The truth is that there is very little stability for the vast majority of people in this state. 

When we say that Sinn Féin is better for workers, better for healthcare, better for housing, better for older persons, better for childcare we mean it and we have the policies to prove it.

We are offering the stability which can only come from prioritising access to public services, respect for those who deliver those services, real rent certainty and building affordable homes for families, giving a hand up and not a hand out our young people, making our society a decent place to grow old in. 

That is stability.

There is no stability for 16,000 people who waited on trolleys in the two hospitals serving this constituency last year, there is no stability for 9, 000 families on the housing list in Fingal, there is no stability for the mothers and fathers working all week to pay for childcare.

There is no stability for the elderly woman who has to choose between pain and nausea medication because she cannot afford the prescription charges for both. “

O ‘Reilly continued:

“The government has one thing right – we badly need stability after the chaos they have brought us and we won’t get that by voting for them again. 

So when we say vote for change we mean vote for real change – a real alternative.  Vote to change priorities – this is not a poor country but it is a country with a lot of poor people in it. 

Change means changing from prioritising landlords to prioritising those who need homes, it means actively making our health service a place nurses want to work in and where we can get treated, it means prioritising a decent life after work for our elderly and not throwing them a few bob 10 minutes before an election. 

Change means prioritising putting money in the pockets of ordinary people by abolishing water charges and the property tax and taking low income earners out of the USC.

This government is immune to our angry outbursts – the Tánaiste opens food banks with a big smile on her face – and we were angry and there was an outpouring of anger on social media and rightly so but that was like water off a ducks back. 

When Brendan Ryan voted to sell off the last of our national airline there was a public outcry but he just shrugged that off and continued to vote for every single cut and collect his salary while he was doing it. 

They are immune to our anger unless it is expressed at the ballot box – then they cannot ignore us and they will feel our anger, they will see that we want stability and not the chaos of the last five years – they will hear our voices loud and clear.

It will not be easy to win this seat but we cannot allow the opportunity that this election presents to go to waste because there are too many people who are depending on us.

I can promise you that I will work hard with you to win this seat and I will be a strong, vocal and brave representative who will stand up for the people of Fingal.”

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