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Chaos in health system continues thanks to government – McDonald

21 January, 2016 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader, Mary Lou McDonald TD, has once more outlined the chaos in the health system, highlighting the recent cancellation of appointments in Cork University Hospital as well as news that 250 children with scoliosis are awaiting surgery.

Speaking during Leaders’ Questions today, Deputy McDonald said:

“Tánaiste, today we are hearing, yet again, of the chaos in your health system. Cork University Hospital is so overstretched it has cancelled all non-urgent appointments. Their emergency department is bursting at the seams. People who have been patiently waiting for important procedures for years have been told they will have to wait even longer.

“Worse still we are told that there are 250 children with scoliosis waiting on an operation to fix their spine or waiting to see a consultant. Many have been waiting for 15 months or more for vital treatment. Tánaiste, can you imagine it means to have scoliosis, your spine bent at 40 degrees, your organs being crushed, you entire body in crippling pain?

“Tánaiste, would you accept a 15 month wait for your child to see a consultant or have surgery for scoliosis? Of course you wouldn’t accept that. They why do you force these parents to wait and their children to suffer? Their children have to live day after day in chronic pain. Their parents have to watch powerless as their children suffer because of your decisions in government.

“Tánaiste I don’t at this stage expect clear cut answers to these questions. So before you trot out your usual evasions, I would ask you to think of these children. What do you have to say to them and their families who are suffering because of the chaos you have caused in the health system?”

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