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A Sinn Féin Government would act in the best interests of the ordinary people of Wexford - Cllr Johnny Mythen

21 January, 2016 - by Johnny Mythen

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Councillor Johnny has said that a Sinn Féin government would act in the best interests of the ordinary people of Wexford.

Councillor Mythen was speaking at the launch of his election campaign at Clayton Whites Hotel where he was joined by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD.

He said;

"A Sinn Féin government will focus on the real issues faced by ordinary people and will always act in their sole interests, for the common good, and for the prosperity of all its citizens.

"I believe that Sinn Fein can be in government, but only with a mandate from you, can we set achieve this goal.

"Fine Gael and the Labour Party have brought in laws without debate, and guillotined them through the Dail. They have done this to force people to pay unfair taxes and unjust fines.

"They have brought in laws that have given banks a powerful veto over the family home. Any government that uses the law against the will of its own citizens loses the right to govern and they must go.

"In sharp contrast, a Sinn Féin government would act in the best interests of the ordinary people of Wexford. We have underscored that reality by committing to abolish water charges, the local property tax and by pledging to meet the challenge of the housing crisis with a massive social housing build programme.

"Wexford has great potential; our tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, industries, our S.M.E.s and Rosslare Port are all areas that can be expanded upon, and they have the potential to provide much needed local jobs.

"Wexford has a highly skilled building work force, and we have a housing list of 3720. Put the two issues together. Build more social houses and we will have employment and homes for families.

"We have witnessed the growth of economic and social inequality on a massive scale. It will continue to grow if the current Government and their austerity policies are allowed to continue.

"These are policies that were given birth by Fianna Fail and christened by Fine Gael and Labour Party

"We in Wexford, and people across the country, have an opportunity to change the political landscape of the Ireland, that has been dominated by two parties since the late twenties, once and for all.

"We must decide what road to travel. Is it the road of the status quo, that has delivered very little for the ordinary people of Wexford? Or will it be the progressive, republican alternative represented by Sinn Féin.

"The direction provided by Fine Gael, The Labour Party and Fianna Fáil has left us the third most disadvantaged county council in the state. Wexford has 128 areas of deprivation, and one of the highest rates of unemployment in the state. This has all happened under the watch of two established Ministers.

"There are times in all our lives that opportunities come our way, and usually they are very few and far between.

"It's time to return the right of the people of Ireland to the  ownership of Ireland.

"It's time to finally cherish all the children of the nation equally, and to work hard to build a better future for them all.

"It's time for the people of Wexford to elect a Sinn Féin TD and put in place a government with vision, compassion, and understanding."

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