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Rising rents slowing recovery for workforce- Mayor Sarah Holland

28 January, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Mayor of South Dublin, Cllr Sarah Holland, today launched the quarterly Dublin Economic Monitor Report.

 The report highlighted the lack of houses being built and subsequent rising rents as a problem.

 Cllr Holland said:

 “This report shows that rents have risen to almost their peak levels, particularly for apartment dwellers.

 We have seen evidence of working families being made homeless due to the lack of corresponding rises in wages or living wage jobs.

 This is exacerbated by the total lack of social or affordable housing being built.

 We also need to look behind these figures: rising rents do not correspond with a rise in quality homes.

 I have been knocking doors all over this county, and again and again people are complaining of damp, leaking doors and windows and black mould.

 One tenant’s landlord raised the rent by €150 and said in response to complaints about black mould that the tenant should either stop complaining or find somewhere else to live.

 Tenants are being rolled over a barrel.”

 Cllr Holland continued:

 “The report shows increases in public transport use and a fall in the unemployment rate to 7.8%.

 However, most of these jobs were in Wholesale & retail and administration, which are not traditionally well paid.

  “On paper this looks good for Dublin, but a closer examination reveals that more needs to be done to make sure that there is a fair recovery, which benefits everyone”

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