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Labour utterly failed to 'stand up' for citizens – Adams

30 January, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Responding to this evening’s conference speech by Labour Party Leader Joan Burton, Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD said:

“The legacy of Labour in Government is a record of failing to stand up for working people or vulnerable citizens.

“Labour claimed it would stand up to the ECB but instead of ‘Labour’s way’, we got ‘Frankfurt’s way’.

“Labour claimed it entered Government to protect citizens from the ravages of Fine Gael. Instead, Labour Ministers were the most enthusiastic in imposing vicious cuts against average families.

“As a senior Cabinet member, Joan Burton oversaw the implementation of Water Charges, a Family Home Tax, cuts to Child Benefit, removal of medical cards, cuts to health and welfare.

“Labour in Government stood up for bondholders. They stood up for the ECB. They stood up for the elites. And they stood behind Fine Gael.

“What is the point of a Labour Party which again and again offers itself as a mudguard for Fine Gael, enabling the imposition of regressive budgets and unfair policies?

“As their Leader openly admits, a vote for Labour in the forthcoming election is a vote for another Fine Gael-led Government with all the attendant hardship that entails for citizens.

“The General Election is a choice a between another Fine Gael-led austerity Government or a progressive, Sinn Féin-led Government committed to ending austerity and implementing fairer policies based on equality and social justice - a Government who will really stand up for citizens.” 

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