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Moore Street battle site is irreplaceable and must be protected- Cllr Nic Cormaic

1 February, 2016 - by Sorcha Nic Cormaic

Speaking after attending Sinn Féin’s mobilisation to prevent the destruction of the Moore Street terrace, Sorcha Nic Cormaic said:

“The Moore Street battle site is irreplaceable, once it is gone, it is gone. The entire terrace should be preserved. The entire terrace is of historical significance not just nos. 14-17. I stand with community activists, trade unionists, historians and my Sinn Féin colleagues in calling for the terrace to be preserved, for this attempted historical vandalism to stop.”

Nic Cormaic continued:

“The government’s attitude towards Moore Street is systematic of its wider attitude towards 1916. They are troubled by its legacy. Instead of striving at the very least to live up to the potential of 1916 and the Proclamation, they have sought to bury its message, its core meaning of fairness and equality.

“We all remember that infamous video and the Google translate. Despite being ok collecting his ministerial and Taoiseach’s pensions, John Bruton constantly bleats on about how 1916 was ‘unjust’ and ‘unnecessary’.

 Most recently we had ‘Irelands Call’, and not our national anthem, being played at the first state event to mark the centenary. 

“What we have been served up from these ‘official’ commemorations has been crass, ahistorical, and above all offensive. I call on the citizens of this island, and our diaspora to fully engage with 1916. We should take ownership ourselves of this extraordinary event not rely on what the state serves us.

Nic Cormaic added:
“By standing up to the might of the British empire, the ordinary men and women of 1916 did an extraordinary thing. They struck a blow towards Irish freedom. They inspired anti-Imperialist forces the world over. The new elites of this state want us to forget about 1916, they want us to be servile, and they want us to be ignorant of our revolutionary past.

 “Instead of cherishing the children of the nation equally, this state has championed inequality. It is time to vote these new elites out of office, it is time for change”.

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