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Martina Anderson MEP calls for immediate release of Palestinian journalist

1 February, 2016 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Martina Anderson MEP has called on European governments to act as a matter of urgency to secure the immediate release of Palestinian Journalist Mohammad Al-Qeeg who has been on Hunger Strike since 25 November in protest against his unlawful arrest and detention without charge by the Israeli government.

 Ms Anderson said: “Mohammad Al-Qeeg's condition according to recent medical reports acquired by PalMed Europe is deteriorating rapidly and unless action is taken immediately could die at anytime. “Mohammad is a journalist who is being held without charge or trial by the Israeli government.

 “His arrest and detention is a blatant violation of articles nine, ten and eleven of the World Convention on Human Rights, which is intended to safeguard civilians from arrest or detention without charge and guarantees a fair trial in a court of law.  

“Israel is flagrantly ignoring every aspect of international Human and Civil rights Conventions. But just as unacceptable is the international community’s tacit support through its inaction which allows Israel to continue its illegal and inhumane treatment of Palestinians. 

“I intend to raise Mohammad Al-Qeeg’s situation at the Palestinian committee in the European Parliament and to bring it to the attention of the various Group Leaders at the European parliament to demand the necessary steps are taken to put pressure on the Israeli government to release Mohammad Al-Qeeq immediately to save his life."

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