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Government’s “recovery” exposed as 37 patients lie on trolleys in Cork University Hospital tonight - Cllr Thomas Gould

4 February, 2016 - by Thomas Gould TD

Sinn Féin General Election candidate for Cork North Central Cllr Thomas Gould has strongly criticised Fine Gael and the Labour Party for “peddling spin about the recovery” as 37 patients lie on trolleys in Cork University Hospital this evening.

Councillor Gould said;

“The fact that 37 patients are lying on trolleys in Cork University Hospital this evening is a disgrace and it exposes the spin that Fine Gael and the Labour Party are peddling about the nature of the recovery.

“A lot of these patients are elderly people who are being denied their dignity and privacy. I honestly believe that Fine Gael and the Labour Party don’t give a damn about these patients because they know that anybody who has had the misfortune to experience the chaos currently gripping our A&E departments will never vote for them.

“Government party TDs in Cork City should be apologising to the people of this city for decimating our health service.

“Make no mistake, a vote for TDs from the parties of Kathleen Lynch or Dara Murphy is a vote for continued crisis in hospitals and emergency departments. They will continue to gut the public health service by starving it of vital staff, resources and vital funding. The situation at Cork University Hospital tonight has come about because of government policy. That is the reality from which they cannot hide while they repeat their mantra of ‘keeping the recovery going.’”

“Who in their right mind would want to keep a government in power that tolerates the sick and elderly being left on hospital trolleys day in, day out?

“Sinn Féin has a plan for healthcare that is based on the fundamental belief that you should be able to access healthcare on the basis of need alone.

“We will increase spending on healthcare by €3.3 billion to move from a failing, two tier health system towards universal health care.

“Sinn Féin in government will reduce waiting times and deal with the trolley crisis by increasing funding for acute hospitals by €238 million and eliminating private activity from public hospitals.

“We have committed to the recruitment 6,600 additional frontline health workers including consultants, nurses, midwives, dentists and allied health professionals.

“The future of our health service will either be one of continued chaos under Fine Gael and the Labour Party or one of investment, equality of access, and stability under Sinn Féin.”

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