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Fine Gael has divorced Social and Economic Recovery- Cllr Sarah Holland

5 February, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Cllr Sarah Holland has pointed out that Fine Gael and Labour have been responsible for widening the gap between rich and poor in Ireland, and entrenching inequality into our health, housing and education systems.

She said:

“Fine Gael and Labour have effectively divorced social recovery from economic recovery.

The reason no one feels this recovery is directly because of the lack of investment into our public services.

The health service is in chaos, with people waiting months and years on surgeries, diabetes clinic appointments, occupational therapies.

Homelessness is now well beyond crisis point and the Minister for Environment has spectacularly failed to even stem the tide of families being shunted into emergency accommodation.”

Referring to the quarterly Dublin Economic Monitor report, Cllr Holland said:

“We can see a decrease in unemployment levels and correspondingly, more public transport journeys.

What we are not seeing is a reduction in rents or completion of new homes for employees to live in.

Many working families are faced with a huge cost of living in rent, childcare and bills and none of the effective public services which should be freely available in a rich country such as Ireland.

We are experiencing a two tier recovery, and we need to end Fine Gael and Labour misrule.”

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