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Minimum build sizes challenged by Cllr Sarah Holland

6 February, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Cllr Sarah Holland has welcomed the support for her motion in the South County Dublin Development Plan on increasing minimum build sizes by 15 sq metres.

She said:

“The minimum build sizes laid down by the Minister of Environment have been deemed unworkable by some professional bodies.  Further to this, they would represent a coup for developers, who would have free rein is squeezing high density units into our county.

Having rented myself for years, living in a shoebox size apartment is no walk in the park.

Do we really want to live in a society where we force people to live in tiny spaces?

We here in South County Dublin had to move families out of tiny two bed units in some parts of the county because they proved to be unliveable.

We need to look to the future of this county, and make sure it is the best place in Ireland to live & work.

Squeezing people into homes like sardines will not facilitate that.”

The motion was passed successfully.

Cllr Holland went on to say:

“Minister Kelly’s directive will override our Development Plan, but I wanted it to be on record that his minimum size requirements are not satisfactory.”

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