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Offaly Carers have nothing left to give – emotionally, physically, financially – Cllr Carol Nolan

10 February, 2016 - by Carol Nolan

Local Sinn Féin councillor and General Election candidate, Carol Nolan, has today met with a number of local carers in order to discuss a number of their concerns in advance of the General Election on the 26th February.

Speaking after the event, Cllr Nolan said:

“It was inspiring to meet with such a great group of dedicated people today.

“Carers are the unsung heroes of our society and the work they do on a daily basis to maintain the dignity and care of their loved ones is invaluable.

“Unfortunately, carers have come under attack by the Fine Gael and Labour Government as a result of a plethora of mean-spirited, ruthless cuts.

“They cut the respite care grant, 1.5 million home help hours, abolished the motorised transport grant and mobility allowance for new applicants, cut the telephone allowance for elderly people who may not now be in a position to access a personal alarm and of course, they abolished the bereavement grant.

“All this while the elites are protected and those at the top share the spoils of a fledgling economic recovery.

“It is obvious from today’s meeting that our local carers have given more than their fare share during the economic crisis – they have nothing more to give emotionally, physically or financially.

“It is time for us to care for the carers – to repay them in some small way for the great service they provide our society.

“That is why a Sinn Féin led Government will add an additional €325 to the respite care grant, provide funding for an additional 3,800 nursing home beds and increase home help hours and home care packages.

“We would also increase Respite Care by 20% in order to give carers a much needed break.”

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