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Labour housing policy; more of the same empty promises - Cllr Paul Donnelly

11 February, 2016 - by Paul Donnelly

Sinn Féin General Election Candidate Cllr Paul Donnelly has said the Labour housing policy is more of the same empty promises the Irish people have been subjected to over the past five years.

Speaking this morning, the Dublin West candidate said,

 “Minister Alan Kelly said today ‘Labour has always historically prioritised the building of social housing’ – yet when given 5 years to deal with homelessness they have turned a serious problem into a national emergency.

“Today they promised to provide €300m to develop an affordable rental housing sector. They have promised to invest €100m to support construction by local authorities. They have promised to spend €200m to support rents in 44,000 affordable housing units.

“But the Irish people have been subjected to 5 years of similar empty promises from Fine Gael and Labour. They are setting out solutions to a problem they caused.

“There are 16,000 homeless children in the State today and officially 89,872 households on local authority waiting lists. This is Labour's shining legacy.

Cllr Donnelly continued,

“Only Sinn Féin has a fully costed and practical plan to tackle Ireland's housing crisis.

“We will bring the state ownership of housing stock to a minimum of 200,000 by 2030 - 70,000 built social housing units and 30,000 cost purchase and cost rental housing units.

“We will commit €5bn in capital spending in 2016-2021 and ensure the delivery of 36,500 social and affordable houses.

“Our commitments are more than just words; housing will be one of Sinn Féin’s key priorities in Government.” ENDS

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