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Cllr Sorcha Nic Cormaic welcomes policing commitment in manifesto

11 February, 2016 - by Sorcha Nic Cormaic

 Speaking after the launch of the Sinn Féin Election Manifesto 2016 Cllr Sorcha Nic Cormaic said:

“The Sinn Féin election manifesto is wide ranging, it is ambitious and it is practical.

One section which I was particularly interested in was the part that dealt with community safety and justice. The issue of community safety has been a major issue on the doors with my constituents.”

 Nic Cormaic added:

“The closure of the Stepaside Garda station and reduced Garda numbers in the area have been disastrous. Regrettably crime is on the increase in the area. If the Fine Gael/Labour government think that they have tackled burglaries in the area then they really have lost touch with reality.

 The misguided decision to close Garda stations in order to make a measly €4,000 savings per year has done nothing but increased the opportunity for criminal activity and has the effect of making people feel unsafe in their homes. I wholeheartedly welcome our party’s commitment to reversing the closure of Garda stations.”

Nic Cormaic continued:

“Despite the fact that we were told the Garda numbers would remain the same, and while there was a spike in the number of Gardaí in Dundrum immediately after Stepaside was closed, Gardaí numbers in the area now number in the 80s, almost back as low as it was in 2009, long before this idea was mooted. I fully endorse our party’s commitment to the recruitment of 3,000 Gardaí over our government term to restore An Garda Síochána force levels to 14,250.”

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