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British government will be judged on actions not rhetoric - Sheehan

12 February, 2016 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan said today that British government claims it is prepared to do its part in resolving the issue of legacy of the past will be measured against actions rather than empty rhetoric.

Speaking on the 27th anniversary of the murder of human rights Pat Finucane by a British intelligence-led loyalist gang Pat Sheehan said:

"Sinn Féin has brought forward proposals which does not endanger lives while facilitating maximum disclosure of relevant information to families of victims of the conflict on the killings of their loved ones.

"The first option is for the Director of the Historical Investigation Unit (HIU) to have similar powers to the Police Ombudsman of full discretion on onward disclosure of information to families, free of any veto by the British government.

"The second option, is the creation of an independent and international appeal panel. This would incorporate three judges, one each appointed by the British and Irish governments respectively, and a third international judicial figure appointed jointly by both governments. 

"Theresa Villiers has said for some months now that a resolution to the issue of the past is doable but her government continues to delay, frustrate and hinder the courts and the inquest system at every turn.

"On the anniversary of the murder of Pat Finucane the British Secretary of State has an opportunity to show her bone fides and announce the independent inquiry that was promised by her government at Weston Park.

"Theresa Villiers’ credibility on resolving this issue will be measured against her actions in ending the cover ups rather than her penchant for empty rhetoric and spin.”

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