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Under Fianna Fail Ireland was no country for old people – Nolan

13 February, 2016 - by Carol Nolan

Sinn Féin Offaly County Cllr. Carol Nolan has said that a Sinn Féin led government would prioritise investment in health, transport, the Gardaí and social welfare to give older citizens the best opportunities to live, securely, independently and comfortably.

Cllr. Nolan said:

“We all share the common dream to live long and grow old in Ireland with dignity, security and equality.

“The reality for many of our older citizens under this government is that family members have been lost to emigration, they can no longer rely on the health service and they have to struggle daily to heat homes and meet their bills. This government has cuts benefits and introduced water and property charges.

“Forget the promises, Fianna Fáil record speaks for itself, they took away much-needed medical cards and slashed public service pensions. It was only changed by thousands of pensioners protested on the streets of Dublin in 2008.

“Sinn Féin believes that the equality promised in the proclamation must be shared by all citizens. We have published a charter for older people. Sinn Féin is committed to ending the trolley crisis in our hospitals, end prescriptions charges and delivering a universal health care system.

“A Sinn Féin led government would invest in health, transport and social welfare to give older citizens the best opportunities to live independently and comfortably. 

“Foremost in our minds will be measures to support the ability of older people to remain in their own home. Sinn Féin would increase home help hours, respite hours, and carer’s allowance.

“We will support our older citizens by ending water and property charges and delivering a dignified income. We will invest in sheltered accommodation and warm homes, in additional Gardaí, and in free transport.” 

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