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Nic Cormaic calls for those opposed to Irish Water to attend Right2Water demonstration on Saturday

17 February, 2016 - by Sorcha Nic Cormaic

Sinn Féin Cllr. Sorcha Nic Cormaic and general election candidate for Dublin Rathdown has reaffirmed her opposition to Irish Water, and has stressed the importance of the Right2Change movement. 

Speaking ahead of the final Right2Water mobilisation before the election this Saturday, Nic Cormaic stated:

“The anti-Water charges campaign has mobilised people in an unprecedented way.  Over the last eighteen months ordinary citizens throughout this state have come out on to the streets to say categorically to this government that they are firmly opposed to the water tax. These ordinary citizens have also said that change is needed.

“Well that change is possible. With 101 candidates Right2Change is in a position to lead the next government and to send the ‘three amigos’ packing. But this will not happen if we merely wish it to happen. This will only come about if we defeat the established parties at the next election.

“As the only Right2Change candidate in the constituency of Rathdown, I am the only one committed to abolishing water charges. 

“A vote for Sorcha Nic Cormaic is a vote to abolish Irish water. This is not a vote for protest, this is a vote for change.”

Nic Cormaic added:

“It is telling that in this centenary year, and one hundred and three years after the great Dublin Lockout, that we have had the Labour Party holding a policy launch on the site of JJ Rhatigan, a man who locked out workers only two years ago.

As well as this the Labour Party has been noticeably lacking in its support for striking Luas workers. It has gotten to the stage where Joan Burton has called on progressive voters to vote for Labour and to transfer to Fine Gael.  Would Connolly or Larkin have called for such a move?

It is time for working families of Dublin Rathdown to have a voice. As a trade unionist and as a working mother I will be that voice.  Alex White of the so-called Labour Party has supported cuts to Child Benefit, Alex White has supported cuts to the Disability Allowance, and Alex White has supported cuts to the One Parent Family Payment. He voted to abolish the Bereavement Grant, and he voted to tax Maternity Benefit. Those are facts, and that is what Alex Whites contribution towards helping working families has been.”

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