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Government duo Burton and Varadkar fail to tackle housing crisis in Dublin West - Cllr Paul Donnelly

17 February, 2016 - by Paul Donnelly

Dublin west Sinn Féin election candidate Paul Donnelly has lambasted the government over its failure to tackle the housing crisis in Dublin West.

Speaking today in light of a damning report from Focus Ireland, which indicates that 38% of homeless families are from the constituency of Dublin West, Cllr Donnelly said:

“This report from Focus Ireland highlights the government’s shameful record in relation to housing and homelessness.

“Despite numerous recycled press releases and announcements the simple fact is that Labour and Fine Gael did not build a single local authority house in Dublin 15 in 2015.

“118 families in emergency accommodation is 118 families too many.

“This government talks about stability, where is the stability for the children living in hotel rooms and making lengthy journeys to and from school every day?

"Where is the stability for the recently separated woman in Clonsilla, who will be homeless this Friday after she lost her home, the tears and fears she is experiencing would melt any heart?

"Where is the stability for the family, 13 years in rented accommodation only to be told that they must leave because of the rent cap from Fingal County Council in the RAS scheme?

“For years councillors tried to warn the government that there was an impending homeless and housing crisis looming and for five years this government did nothing.

“Sinn Féin has a fully costed and practical plan to tackle Ireland's housing crisis

“We will bring the state ownership of housing stock to a minimum of 200,000 by 2030 - 70,000 built social housing units and 30,000 cost purchase and cost rental housing units.

“We will also make and additional €30m available to local authorities and homeless agencies to help mitigate the crisis.”

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