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MartinMcGuinness calls on electorate to seize the moment

21 February, 2016 - by Martin McGuinness

Speaking at a press conference in Dublin this morning Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has said;

“The last week has seen Fine Gael resort to the politics of fear, Sinn Féin are for the politics of hope.  Next Friday, the people will have the opportunity to change things for the better, and Sinn Féin want to be part of that change.” 

Martin McGuinness said:

“For the first time, in all our lifetimes, we have the opportunity to have Sinn Féin in government north and south.  Governments that will stand up for equality. Governments that will deliver a fair recovery. Governments with a plan for unity and reconciliation. Governments with a plan to sustain the peace process.  Governments that will act in the national interest.

“The events of last year showed just how important it is to have a government acting in the national interest.  During critical talks, the leader of Fine Gael reduced his role to that of a by-stander and  the Fianna Fáil leader intervened to call for the suspension of the institutions.  This was highly reckless and clearly done for short term political opportunism.  The peace process is far too important for that to happen ever again.

“We are now delivering on the Fresh Start agreement and making progress.  We need to do more.

“The electorate now has the choice. Do they stick with the parties of boom, bust and broken promises or seize this moment in time, to elect a progressive republican government.

“Sinn Féin has a plan to deliver a fair recovery, we have demonstrated in the north that Sinn Féin in government secures public services and delivers jobs.

“Fine Gael might be into the politics of fear, we are for the politics of hope.

“On Friday, the people of this state have the opportunity to change it for the better, and Sinn Féin will be part of that change.”


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