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Adams - British Still Denying Right To Vote

18 June, 2003

Commenting on recent developments within unionism Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said:

" The real test for the leadership of the UUP is not how it manages its party, but whether it is prepared to work the Good Friday Agreement, and in particular the institutions in a sustainable and committed way.

"The up-down existence of the Assembly and the Executive has done more to erode confidence in the Agreement than anything else,

"The British government's dismissive attitude to republican initiatives, it's pandering to unionism and its cancellation of the election, has been central to creating the current political crisis.

"The first step needed to inject momentum and hope back into the process is for Mr Blair to set a firm date for the elections.

"Assertions by the British government that it is committed to implementing the Good Friday Agreement have no credibility at all. Talk from Downing Street about upholding citizens rights is contradicted by the denial of our right to vote." ENDS

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