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Don't be fooled by Fianna Fáil - Cllr Chris Andrews

25 February, 2016 - by Chris Andrews

Sinn Féin candidate for the Dublin Bay South constituency, Cllr. Chris Andrews, has this morning said 'make no mistake about it, Fianna Fáil will do post election business with Fine Gael’.

Andrews continued:

"There is no doubt in my mind that Micheál Martin and Fianna Fáil will, given the opportunity, proceed to a post election carve up with Fine Gael, which would be a nightmare scenario for citizens and families throughout the State. 

"The only way to avoid such a scenario is for voters to come out in the biggest numbers possible and cast a vote for Sinn Féin, who are the only party capable of leading an alternative government committed to a fair recovery and delivering a break for ordinary working families, and then continue their preferences for other Right2Change candidates.” 

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