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Boylan MEP slams dangerous EU pesticides decision

25 February, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan, who sits on the European Parliament’s Environment and Health Committee, today reacted to the revelation that the European Commission plans to re-approve the pesticide glyphosate in spite of warnings from cancer experts that it is a probable carcinogen.

‘Yet again, the European Commission has shown a wilful disregard for the health of the citizens it is supposed to be protecting by giving its approval to a pesticide which World Health Organisation cancer scientists say probably causes cancer.

‘Instead of listening to this serious warning, which was based on independent and peer-reviewed studies, the Commission has chosen to plough ahead with re-approval based on its own safety authority’s flawed assessment which chose to use industry-funded unpublished and non peer-reviewed studies and which was widely criticised by the international scientific community .

‘The Commission continually shows its contempt for the precautionary principle which is supposedly a fundamental norm for its health and environmental decisions.

The plan to reapprove a pesticide which probably causes cancer flies in the face of any semblance that they prioritise health impacts over profit margins.

‘It is not for the first time that the Commission has acted in the interests of the chemicals lobby instead of the health of the people it works for.

I call on the EU governments to firmly reject this dangerous proposal on the 7th of March when they meet to discuss it.’


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