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Disingenuous to say EU exit wouldn't lead to border controls - Flanagan

25 February, 2016 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has said it is disingenuous for Theresa Villiers to say leaving the European Union would not lead to border controls within Ireland. 

Mr Flanagan said; 

"Those in favour of an EU exit, including Theresa Villiers, are being disingenuous when they adopt the line it is highly unlikely that custom posts would be introduced in Ireland.

"Those arguing in favour of leaving the EU use the argument of controlling borders as a central part of their case. They have yet to explain how they would do so without imposing custom posts and border controls in Ireland. 

"The North has benefited hugely from our membership of the EU and it is in our interests, economically, politicly and socially to remain in Europe. 

"We need to see an end to partition in Ireland; not the formalisation of it through custom posts and border controls."

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