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Iceland conference an opportunity to develop broader European opposition to EU exit - Declan Kearney

26 February, 2016

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney will travel to Iceland this weekend to meet with Nordic Green Left Parties and other significant parties on the European Left. 

Speaking ahead of the visit, Mr Kearney said,

"The conference this weekend will include leadership delegates of key Left Parties from across Europe, including the Nordic countries, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Cyprus, and elsewhere.

"Among the topics under discussion will be the political situation in each country, as well as issues such as the humanaritian crisis, the closure of borders, and the poverty and economic instability which is affecting European countries. 

"I will have an opportunity to provide our colleagues with a political and economic analysis of developments in Ireland, North and South.

"I expect there to be intense interest in the unfolding election results over the weekend from the southern general election. 

"I look forward to reporting on the news of increased seat gains for Sinn Féin in the next Dáil, and also discussing our very advanced preparations for the Assembly elections in May. 

"The issue of a potential Brexit is seriously exercising political opinion across Europe and this will be addressed in detail at the conference.

"I will be setting out Sinn Féin's position of opposition to Brexit and our commitment to promoting a Social Europe. I will also provide a detailed assessment of what a Brexit would mean in terms of lost investment, negative implications for border controls and common  travel, and the protection of workers and other rights.  

"This weekends conference is an important opportunity to expand international, progressive and anti austerity alliances, to develop broader European opposition to a potential Brexit, and also to build on the considerable support which exists within the European left for the Irish Peace Process". 

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