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Second Airport Runway Good for Blanchardstown and Good for the Country - Felix Gallagher

2 February, 2005

Dublin 15 Sinn Féin Councillor Felix Gallagher has slammed the stance of the Socialist Party on Fingal County Council regarding a second runway for Dublin Airport. Both the Socialists and Labour had motions seeking to block the provision of a second runway.

Cllr Gallagher said "The main arguments put forward for these motions centred around the idea that they would prevent privatisation of Dublin Airport. I believe that this analysis is completely flawed and the alternative offered by the Socialists for a second airport would increase the possibility of privatisation. My analysis is shared by the Civil Aviation Branch of SIPTU. I am absolutely astounded that this motion was put forward by the Socialist Party Councillor Clare Daly who is herself a shop-steward in that same Trade Union.


Cllr Gallagher continued "The alternative to a second runway is the opening of a second commercial airport, most probably at Baldonnell. To be viable this second airport would need to be private and as such would be able to undercut Dublin Airport. Undoubtedly this would lead to cost cutting and job losses."

In response to Cllr Coppinger's concerns over noise pollution, Cllr Gallagher responded "The future of Dublin Airport is critical not just for Blanchardstown or even Dublin, but the State as a whole. Sinn Fein has signed up to the European Written Declaration on Noise Pollution by Night Flights. Cllr Coppinger has until 15th November to do likewise." ENDS.

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