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Anderson MEP hosts Cancer delegation in Brussels

1 March, 2016 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson is hosting a delegation of Cancer Campaigners from across Ireland in Brussels this week.

Ms Anderson said:

“I am taking a delegation of almost 40 people from across Ireland to the EU Parliament in Brussels to assist them in their campaign to highlight the concerns of patients and their families at the lack of focus on the often unacceptable delays in diagnosis and treatment.

“I am bringing this delegation to Europe to keep a focus on patients’ rights, concerns, needs and dignity.

“I want to draw attention to cancer, and the need to pursue our efforts to improve the lives of all those who live with this life threatening condition.

“While patients' rights are protected to different degrees across the EU it is one of those areas that needs an EU wide strategy for delivery.

“It needs a commitment to tackle the cancer epidemic in a coordinated approach across Europe

“European cancer fatality rates will be one every ten seconds in the next 20-25 years.

“I am a fervent advocate of the European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights which is a catalyst for change to provide every European citizen with the right to the optimum standard of care.

“The three Patient-Centred Principles of the Charter are the right of every European citizen to receive the most accurate information and to be proactively involved in his/her care.

“The right of every European citizen to optimal and timely access to appropriate specialised care, underpinned by research and innovation. And the right of every European citizen to receive care in health systems that ensure improved outcomes, patient rehabilitation, best quality of life and affordable healthcare.

“I am committed to do everything I can to deliver on these principles of cancer care.”

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