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Cllr Graham calls on the NTA to release funding for Alpine Pedestrian Route

7 March, 2016

Clondalkin Sinn Féin Councillor Jonathan Graham calls on the National Transport Authority to fund vitally important Clondalkin project. 

Speaking ahead of this month’s meeting, where he tabled the item for discussion, Graham stated

“There was an outstanding part-eight that ultimately came before the previous council. It called for the opening up of the wall, at the Fonthill Road end of the estate, and the extension of the footpath to create an access and exit route through the area. This was supported by Sinn Féin at the time. We supported the merit of this proposal, as it is used as a walkway for residents of Alpine, Ashwood, Lindisfarne and the wider area, often unsafely for many years. Residents climbed over the wall to gain access to the Fonthill Road.

 Cllr Graham continued:

“We raised this on several occasions to seek an update for the project. The Council has applied to the NTA for funding for the project. This project would be of great benefit to Clondalkin and would ensure the safety of residents who, in reality will continue to use the walkway. I am calling on the NTA to release the funding so that the project can get started immediately. 

In the interim I have asked that a space in the wall is knocked through, while we await a reply from the NTA about funding the project. It is essential that we get this funding to carry out the project in its totality.

We're mindful that were significant concerns raised by residents at the time. We will work with the community to ensure that these difficulties and issues are worked through.”

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